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Ozone Therapy:  Healing Naturally

Ozone is a variation of 'supercharged' oxygen.  Healthy cells need oxygen.  Most infections and diseases occur when micro-organisms, who don't thrive in an oxygen-rich environment, begin to multiply within us.  Ozone therapy is safe, non-toxic and easy to use.  

Ozone induces the body's own innate healing mechanism to address issues as acne, auto-immune disease, infections, chronic / acute pain, inflammation, cardiovascular issues, joint pain, sinus issues and many more. 

Ozone also helps get rid of fat - think skin and cellulite!  European women address cellulite with ozone.  

To see if ozone therapy would improve your health, please call me. 

As Above, So Below

We are all always in a vortex of energy that is our own creation.

The building blocks of our energy are Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual - and these are all inter-connected.

Dr. Grace uses her diverse experience to create an integrated, holistic approach customized for you - rebalancing your biochemistry along with what you think and feel so you can be free to live the life you want.

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 We all want to have the best health to improve our enjoyment of lifeThe body is an amazing host and source of energy: the vehicle through which we experience all that life has to offer.

Often what we don't realize is that our symptoms may be a result of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual difficulties we encounter.

At Elemental Naturopathic, we use an integrative approach - The Grace Code -  to uncover the root cause of any imbalance addressing one or more of these four core elements.  We also use protocols to reprogram, reboot and reset body systems to function optimally.

We work with you to use your body's own energy to restore and heal itself, paving the way for better health and improved life.

The Grace Code. 

Our Process of Uncovering Your Best Health.